Find an unbalanced issue

as we know the dragon soul has a reserrect trait that possibility is only 25%,but i just battled one that continuously reserrect more than 5 times,i really think you guys programmer may check out this.

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Each time TDS dies it has a 25% chance to resurrect. It doesn’t matter how many times it’s already resurrected in the battle already. So while your example is a really low probability (0.0098%), it is still possible.

If this is happening every time you fight TDS then there might be a bug, but just one time falls with in the realm of random chance.


I :disappointed_relieved:

On PC/Mobile it mostly does not resurrect, but if I should point out my experience I would say:

50% = no resurrect
40% = resurrect once
10% = resurrect more than once

I have not saved numbers in sheet for this, but its about this for me. And I am fine with it.


That’s a shitty response. I never saw him say it was too hard, ask for a nerf, or really complain much. Maybe he thought he was helping find a bug


I neither see how he deserved a such comment as yours.



The OP might have thought that the resurrect trait only could go off once, and maybe thought there was a bug as it can go off many times a row, if one are unlucky. I just found it a little undeserved to get your comment in the face because this.