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Double Ingot Event

For the freshly released troops we get the gold, souls and double traitstones events.

Can we add a double ingot event please?



If they do… It’ll be use X troop in explore mode for double ingots. :wink:

Good suggestion, also an event where we get 1-2 more XP for leveling classes from battles would be nice.


I love this suggestion. Using X troop and get double ingots just like the traitstone events.


Well it would be X troop in pvp for the double ingots prolly, since ingots don’t drop in explore, lol.

And we promise to farm on Warlord X so it doesn’t break the economy :joy:

10 char

I know ingots aren’t in explore… Hence the joke and “:wink:

We need another Moa type event that nets +1 ingot.


You know the Moa was just the test Valraven right? That’s the only reason they did it and why we haven’t got an event like that ever since.

Orbs of Wisdom became the replacement for the double traitstone events. I don’t think they’ll come back at this point.

I can’t see a reason for a double ingot event, either.

PvP already pays out the low-tier ingots, and that many isn’t really needed to max out the low-tier weapons.

Gem chests yield the mid-tier ingots as well as PvP to a lesser degree.

Delving will address the issue with upper-tier ingots. WIth delving being the hot, new “thing”, the devs will want to push players in that direction with the update.

Any ingot event should be +1 level to ingot type it would have awarded…
Ie common becomes rare…
Legendary becomes mythic
Mythic either stays at mythic or awards 2 of them.

Happening now.


My bad, you’re right.

I was thinking about “double traitstones in explore”, which hasn’t happened since the introduction of orbs into the game.


Yeah, the reason double traitstones event can happened in PvP is likely because of its random drop rate. In Explore, you can farm double Arcane that you need very quickly, thus making wisdom orbs least useful. Beside, last time that happened in explore is when Bright Forest/Shantang released very close to each other, and with the Underworld direction the game is heading, that would probably be the last time ever double traitstones happend in Explore.

As for the OP idea about double Ingot, I agree that it won’t happen in our current enocomy. Trophies match/Chest opening/Delve already cover all of that. Although replacing Treasure Gnome’s minor traitstone drop to Common ingot instead would be nice.

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The new Fractions kingdoms will give ingots as tribute. So, I don’t think this will happen.
I believe version 4. will release next week.