Event Week Speculation

For the last six weeks, every other week there had been an “event week” involving that week’s featured troop. Piloting a team including that week’s featured troop as allowed a player to receive double of a selected resource for that week. To date we have had double events for the following:

Traitstones- Runesmith
Glory- Rakshanin
Souls- Sacrificial Priest

Each of these events have occurred every other week and as @Lyya had pointed out in another thread, they are all ultra rares. I think that this week dispite having an epic rarity troop, to keep with the every other week trend, we will have another “double event” which unless they decide to loop the other three rewards means that we should be on a gold week…

So what do you think, nail on the head or wayyyyy out in left field? Feel free to chime in :wink:

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That sounds good, let folks get ready to buy new kingdom.

And goblins like gold :slight_smile:

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I think this week maybe not, because I think 2.0 may be here sooner than we think.

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There is a 33% chance there will be a double resource event this week, a 33% chance that there will not, and a 33% chance that we will be too busy with 2.0 to care about the result.


As excited as that 2.0 may be just a moment away, I just blew my was of glory and need a moment to build it back up. I would like the double gold event to be this week so that I can grind gold chests to get extra glory from them… That’s how I did it the first time