Special Event: Double Gold Weekend

Hello Adventurers,

We’ll be turning on the tap for a DOUBLE GOLD WEEKEND shortly.

With the release of two new Kingdoms, we figured many of you wouldn’t mind some extra Gold in you coffers!


Define ‘shortly’ :heart_eyes:

About 30 seconds ago… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Now I want to play even more! Only two hours till work is done :innocent:

Maybe you should leave early… don’t you have a headache?

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Almost :wink:

Is this only for PC/Mobile, or Console as well @Sirrian?

Still gotta look down on these additive numbers that aren’t actually multipliers. But gold is gold!

Well yeah, everything multiplies the BASE amount, then adds that together, otherwise it gets kinda crazy

Just got my first boosted PvP win. Uhhh… That’s a lot of Gold!

Reminds me of the story of the sage who asked as a reward one grain on the first square of a chessboard, double that on the second and so on and so forth.
The king who thought that was very reasonable quickly found out he just went bankrupt! :stuck_out_tongue:


Sounds reasonable to me. Could we start with one gold coin and get that doubled for each of our gem matches during a fight?


Only because you haven’t done the math. I don’t know how many matches most people make in a typical fight, but at 30 matches you’d be over 1 billion gold.

Just fought a lvl 1000, and it said it would give me 1000 gold - so with the multipliers I should get 3750 I guess, but I got 55 gold =P

Well, looks like when I get home from work and college I’ll have to max all 7 classes in PvP… :slight_smile:

Or trigger Dwarf Miner’s 100 gold. xD

Woohoo, that’s more digits than fingers on my right hand. Which just goes to show, True Shot & Skulls shouldn’t have been nerfed, typical fights used to be over much faster. Well, at least we’ll all be rich, right? :money_mouth:

And this time I got 7 gold.

Are you multi-boxing? if you finish matches close together, the second one loses almost all gold earnings…

No, single game via steam, never been multi-boxing.

Ah… losing the connection then? I’ve often found that if connection drops just as you win, when you retry you get zip-all gold… used to get me on the train all the time… until I got a better phone and have 4g…