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Whatever happened to those double XP, Gold, Soul, or Trait stones Weekends?

Well, the title says it all.
We haven’t had those in awhile.
What’s up?

We’ve been having pet rescues, bounties, and new kingdoms instead.

Those bonuses are there to try and keep players interested in the lulls between content updates. When there’s a lot of content, they don’t need to encourage players to try it.


Double XP comes from winning GW and the gold, souls and traitstones comes from using the event troop and lasts the whole week. I’m guessing that’s why they don’t do them anymore.

Um, no… that’s getting the same XP per match and just asking you to do more matches…

The old bonus events would be double XP per match…

This used to happen anyway, been the same since weekly rotating event bonuses etc were introduced. The rare bonus event weekends were on top of that.

Agreed. I suspect that the ‘pay gems to get sigils to do different events modes’ model must be performing well for the game as a business. I hope that (1) the devs/owners are seeing enough reward income from this to maybe give some attention to QoL improvements and content that doesn’t scream monetising gem-sink, and (2) the devs realise that too many more of those side modes may overload people with things they have to do each day, which might stress people out and drive them away…

What I meant is there’ve been 11 weeks since the 3.3 update. Weekly events we could consider:

  • At least 2 Gnome events.
  • The first Raid Boss.
  • The first Invasion.
  • The first Bounty.
  • 3.4 brings pets and Doomskulls.
  • Dhrak-Zum.

That’s 7 weeks’ worth of new content in the last 11 weeks. I think anyone who got so bored in the 3 weeks that didn’t have a new thing they need double XP to come back is probably a lost cause.

Blaming it on “pay to win” just reeks of “I don’t like these new features, do something for meeeeeeeee”.