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Double Gold this Weekend! (old thread necro'ed - please ignore)

Hey Everyone!
We know that Gold is one of the hot topics of the moment, so we’re having a Double Gold Event from battles, quests, and arenas (and now - thanks to Machiknight’s suggestion below - treasure hunt too) all this weekend starting right now.
(you can see how long there is to go in our nice new News Menu!)


If I were a woman, I would have your baby right now.


Yeeeeeeeees! Time to get all these kingdoms to level 10 now! :grin:

Edit: oh, and I love the news menu, I won’t forget to check it now. ^^

Does “quests” mean treasure hunts o.o

Just as an aside, I LOVE when you do events, and think you should them every weekend!

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Nope, treasure hunts have never been part of quests as far I know.

Actually I like the idea of adding treasure hunts too, and - there’s nobody else in the office - so I just snuck over to the server and doubled the gold rewards from treasure hunts as well!


Nice, there’s a first for everything! :smiley:

Very bold. :smiley:

Could you double the gold we get from gems also? :smile:

I am the champion of the people! I may not be the geo they want, but I’m the geo they get!

Nice Try, @MrSammy :smiling_imp:
But I’m afraid I have to say:


Can’t blame me for trying… :innocent:
I would have topped my kingdoms to 10 in seconds!
I can’t complain, I only have a few to cap anyway!


@Sirrian Would you please tell me when double gold weekend ends?
Will it end on Monday before the new week event begins?

@zqxinran, yes that’s correct - it ends when our new weekly event starts.
If you press the NEWS button on the main map menu, you’ll be able to see exactly how long is left.

Thank you so much for this double gold weekend, it’s so useful! :smiley:

Love it! And super thanks for the treasure hunt too.


very very aureate I put all the Lollipop :yum:

Don’t think the gold multiplier is showing on the hero (top left of map screen). Mine still says x2, which is what I get from the Dragon Armour…

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My goodness.

Just fought in the arena, wearing dragon armour, only got 6000 gold