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Double Gold this Weekend! (old thread necro'ed - please ignore)

So, you did get twice the gold. You need to increase the difficulty too if you want more. I tried it on different settings and it worked every time.

The double gold is because of the dragon armour, not because of the event

No, with the dragon armour you get 3000 gold usually.

I’m only getting 1000-2000 per invade which is what I usually get anyway…so…I dunno.

Well…heck. I went back to the game and got an average of 2800 gold for the last 4 invades, how did you do that? :smile:


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I was getting double gold yesterday but it quit doing that today, this happen to anyone else?

Does the gold bonus from the difficulty level apply to treasure hunt?

Ok I did a test. Took off my bonus armor, joined an arena, won one battle,and according to the rewards one win is worth 1000 gold. Retired with one battle and only got 1000 gold, not double.

So in arena, at least, it appears to be broken.

Can we hoped such an event soon?

Troll necro! And I cannot limit the damage by editing the topic. @Sirrian @Nimhain @Andrew @Nex may want to limit the damage here…


I started Liking posts until I noticed the date…


Lol same here. when I clicked on this thread it went straight to the top, I didn’t even notice the date. :grimacing:

I may have flagged under the something else line

I second the notion that this event be brought back. All in favor say aye!

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Thanks for wasting 5 mins of my life :sunglasses: :joy:

9 months later, bring it back :slight_smile:

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Well, it was back nine months after all. Maybe once Sirrian see’s the new likes he will think it’s a good idea once again to give us the event.


I would prefer any other double, be it souls, traitstones or glory.

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The only way to fix this is to actually do it. :wink:


Do it first @Mr.Strange!

Show that other development team up!

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