DOOM floor details lost from chat

Just wondering if there is a cache limit assigned to guild chat which could cause earlier doom floor maps to scroll into oblivion as others were added. Some of our guys are weekend players so by the time they were looking to see what rooms they should be doing, the info was lost forever. Our top player was on floor 50 plus by then so maybe we had overused chat to the point where the cache register started to empty out older posts. Surely a full weeks chat should be available to make doom viable for guilds who don’t use discord or guild clubs?

There’s a reason people use Discord or any of the other chats developed over the last 40 years of software development that are better than the in-game chat.

I am not disputing that. I am asking an entirely different question. Clarification on the chat patch etc of the latest update by a developer should be ample. In the meantime I can just sit and laugh as our teamwork disappears off screen because we talk too much.