Chat length (or lack of...)

I’m lucky enough to be in a friendly chatty guild, and I appreciate the improvements to chat made recently. But I’m now missing so much chat as it often only goes back an hour or so when it’s busy… Our gm doesn’t want to use discord and I’m generally with him on that, but missing so much is a real pain, especially during Doom etc The other guild members seem to get the last 24 hours which would be a big improvement, tho I know they’d like longer… Anything I can do to get it up to the 24 hour level at least, and any plans to improve the length of visible chat?


Most guilds use Discord. That has an infinite length and works on every platform.

In game chat has never been an appropriate solution and is 10 or 15 updates away from keeping pace with chat tech invented in the 80s.


I very much doubt that most guilds use discord, despite the obvious benefits it provides, particularly when guild chat is completely unfit for purpose. We had the same issue last doom because by the time our weekend players were ready to participate, the floor maps for the first 15 floors had dropped out of the cache register never to be seen again. Increasing the cache size for each guild will eradicate this issue. Perhaps the devs don’t have sufficient server capacity to allow this?

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Thx slyp, don’t know why but our gm doesn’t want to use discord… (and I otherwise love my guild…) My point was more that the length of visible chat has massively reduced since the update…

Thanks for raising this issue. I am in a good, chatty guild and I was just talking about this change to them today…I am in a much later time zone than most of my team. By the time I login they have already discussed tactics for the day, suggestions, etc but none of it is still in the chat history. It would help me to have that longer history back - both so that they don’t have to rehash it all for me, and also so I don’t waste their time by raising ideas that have already been raised!

Guild chat will store the last 100 messages server side and load them up when you enter the room. If you have your graphics set to Low then the client will only store and display 50 lines. If you bump it to Medium then you will get the full 100, although that may still not be enough for you.

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What an important info, thank you.