Doing an arena run when

the rare i get offered are sphinx,black beast and big spider

what the heck? are sphinx and black beast the two worst super rare in the game? why would i willingly kill my own units? i understand it’s a pretty sizeable buff if i eat a unit that’s going to die but i’m still punching myself in the face

Black Beast is actually really good in Arena. Put it first slot to kill everything. When its HP gets low, have it eat someone for full heal and all their stats.

Yup, all units aren’t balanced…
I would go with Sphinx BTW, unless you have a good troop/weapon using purple mana (then it would be green spider).

However, I think you got the wrong idea of how to use properly the Black Beast.
You use it to “save” the attack power of other troops when they are about to die.
I believe, you should put the Black Beast in frontline, and just before dying, devour another unit. You will heal your Black Beast to full + assimilate stats from the devoured troop. It’s clearly not very effective, but as you assimilate more units, you will replenish more life and accumulate attack damage.

It’s not even good in my opinion, but not as bad as you seem to think

yeah i went with sphinx but having a unit that literaly does nothing except score a free skull match when i get lucky still rubs me a little wrong

Just wait till you get Fortress, Peasant and Dwarf Miner…

use a summoner spell to feed the black beast. search summon in the troops area.

you know this is kinda unrelated but is it normal i only get water and earth traitstones in the arena? i wanted to get more dark earthstones in order to unlock necromancy and make the grind more tollerable but i have no idea how to get them now that i’m all done with stuff in karakoth

Arena currently only gives water and earth, since arena is located in Broken Spire. You can still farm traitstones in Karakoth even with all challenges cleared. Just repeat a challenge that suits you best. Also set Karakoth as your home kingdom to make all your pvp defends happen there, thus granting you a chance to get respective traitstones.