52 snotstones from one battle,let's help each other

Just set one Fortress gate as your defense team like this gentleman, Malbad, did.
2h,could go forever but empt battery said it’s enough :slight_smile:


What team are you using?

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Helpful post is not helpful. :stuck_out_tongue:


Heh, sorry :slight_smile:
Fortress Gate,Dragon Egg,Sacrifice,Dragon Egg (any troop). No traits needed,all common troops, player lvl 1 usable.


I had a similar result when facing an opponent with a Giant Spider in the last slot. Came away with 67 stones :grin: I ended the battle intentionally because I had no clue how many stones I had built up and didn’t want to “go over” by too far…turns out I only went over by 5, so it worked out great.

My team was Mercy, Black Beast, Egg, Egg. Mercy to fill up the eggs, then Black Beast starts eating. At one point the Egg in my 4th slot succumbed to an enemy Devour, but the remaining Egg was more than sufficient. Once I killed off the enemy Kraken, it was smooth sailing and my Black Beast was unkillable. He had 1000 atk and 1000 hp when I ended the fight.

It was a LONG battle, but that’s what Netflix is for!


That’s an impressive result, but definitely not my play style. I prefer to use a good team that can kill pretty much anything (I used BB-Kryst-TDS-Kryst, eating the last troop) and get about 2 stones/battle. In 2 hours I can easily get more than 52 stones plus other resources from many battles, not just one.
But each to their own of course. Congrats on the result :slight_smile:

I was using Dragotaur / Krystara / TDS / Dragon Egg and having trouble losing even one troop and thus was getting no stones at all.

I switched to the new Dragon Monk instead of Dragotaur and it’s marginally better, I get 1 or 2 stones every 3rd or so match. I’m seeing almost no Bone Dragon teams and this is a week when I finally WANT to see them. Of course, if I do get a Wraith / Bone Dragon team I have to play this silly balancing act because the difference between 2-3 stones and a loss is literally 1 or 2 moves.

Thanks :slight_smile: I tried to make a competitive summoning team but couldn’t,so i ended up with that one. I do agree with you,though.
Although,there is a great solution above :+1:

Similarly… I’d recommend BlackBeast / Krystenax / GreenSeer / Mercy for a fast and pretty viable team that can earn 2-3 Snots per match while winning in reasonable time.

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I posted yesterday :slight_smile: