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Does anyone find arena enjoyable?

I have tried arena on multiple occasions and have not once enjoyed myself, am I missing something?

Being forced to use your hero sucks.

The weapon selection I seem to get offered sucks.

The troops I get to choose from suck most of the time while the computer seems to get all the prime choices. I mean seriously I went up against a goblin team…random?

The sheer amount of mana surges and extra turns the computer gets is staggering in arena.

So what am I doing wrong? Is there some sort of trick or setting to make arena enjoyable?

I’ll be making a video soon (maybe next weekend) on how to draft in Arena. Weapon selection is different across platforms, but the 3 troops and troop order are still done with the same method.


It’s considerably more interesting when you get to choose your weapon from your whole selection.

I can see the challenge of working with what you have but more often than not it seems you have nothing decent to work with. Yet the teams you face have good/great synergy.

I think it’s a fun change of pace. Just not worth the rewards, especially since I’m focused on Gold right now.

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Totally worth playing for the combined rewards from the end game and targeting/earning troops. I find it fun and exciting.

Not if you want gold. PvP is much more efficient. And Soups are about equivalent if you’re running a decent Valk team. So it’s really only worth it early game, but that’s also when your hero is weak and you don’t have good weapons, which means it’s also kinda hard. It was great for the period of time when Birning Scythe was OP.


Yeah, as soon as class magic gets fixed in 2.0 I will probably never play Arena again on my main account. xD

Are you going to do an arena video before or after 2.0 comes out?

The class magic bug is the very reason i dislike arena since 1.0.9. So there are different views on that issue.

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Next weekend is when I plan to do it. Later today or tomorrow I will be going over several meta teams. Wednesday will likely be when I release the new event video, so that will leave next Saturday for Arena explained. I’ll likely do a video explaining Arena next Saturday followed by an example on Sunday.

I use to find it fun, but not so much anymore as stated above the hero/magic bug hurt it a lot which will be fixed and hopefully be fun again

I found I enjoyed arena much more when my teams sucked. Now that I have 3 or 4 staple teams, I am NOT a fan of the arena.

Ouch that sucks. How do you get staple teams in arena?

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is there anyway to pick your banner for the arena im always stuck with brown and blue one

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I enjoy it… however its not profitable so i consider it a waste of time…

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I look at the arena like this, this will also include my bonuses and armor:

can i make as much money in 8 games as 1 complete arena hmm lets see
avg match 1500x8 minimum of 12000 most matches are 2-3k
arena 3,325 i think, its under 3500 regardless.
Not worth it for gold hmm

Souls, This my friend is where its at, again at my bonuses and armor:
8 matches avg souls 90(when using a valk) x 8 =max of 720 if u get max souls EVERY match
arena =1,125 that is, i repeat THAT is a bonus of 405 souls not using a valk for sitting there for an hour or completing one on and off.

Is arena enjoyable, why not u get to use troops and weapons ya don’t normally and u get to level a troop all the way up after if your lucky in the draft only a few times through.

P. S give me my full power burning sythe back :smiley:

I don’t like that console drafts a random weapon now… you pc ppl can pick your weapon still right?

yeah, we have free choice for our weapon, hmm I dunno if that would be good or bad, I’d hope they lock the weapons to at least epic and legendary so at least they would remain close and consistent in terms of damage and what they do. It’d suck to get a wand vs a burning sythe, lol. Fyi i had to go start an arena to see how they arranged the weapons to look and drafted 3 goblins, now wheres my goblin bonuses :smiley: lol

getting a random wep sounds horrible. feel bad for you console players in that aspect