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The Arena: uhh.. am I missing something here?

I’ve tried the arena a few times and I guess I just don’t get it. Is it fun to play if you have am amazing hero weapon? Is it because PvP battles are too difficult for people with weaker decks?
Feels like PvP gives me more control and faster rewards than arena.
Just want to make sure I’m not missing some sweet nugget of truth about fighting in the arena that I haven’t seen .

There is currently a glitch that allows class magic to work in Arena. People with a level 20 class can have +5 more magic in Arena making it quite unbalanced at the moment. This is a glitch and will be fixed in 2.0.

Arena is made mostly for newer players who have trouble in PvP and for anyone looking to farm souls.

You’re not missing anything. Arena is lackluster IMO. Not a fan of it.

I still play Arena at level 800. There are only several decks that can win quick against such high level opponents, so it is nice having Arena for trying different teams.

I think it’s really fun since it forces you to think about the game in a different way than normal. However, I don’t need Souls right now so it’s not a priority.

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I like arena cause it can give 10 trophies for 8 wins and you don’t risk losing any so it is a nice trade off and lets not forget those 1000 souls, i mean 500.

No point in arena mode since they nerfed the amount of souls you get (back then it was good for farming if you were using armor that granted a nice bonus towards souls). You make it all the way only to get 500 more gold than you spent since it costs 1000 to enter and you only get 1500 for going all 7 rounds and the souls payout is only 300. It’s really not worth it to go through it imo since it’s RNG to even get a good team, some of which are OP if you end up going against them and all that to only get a small reward that you can get from just PVP or doing tasks/farming in much less time.
They really have to improve the gold and souls reward (improve arena in general) as i only bother to do arena if i have a task to do so now.

These are the current awards for arena not assuming you are using any armour or altered difficulty… It is improved alot.

@killerman3333 Hey… Aren’t those rewards nerfed from the previous version? I seem to recall I got better Soul rewards on the console in v1.07.

These are the current rewards for pc/app however this does not mean these are correct for those playing on x-box or ps4.

Since this is a PC/Mobile forum thread, console players are commenting in the wrong forum.

That is not very rare so i believe it. Is it weird that x-box version of this game can be played on the pc though.

Like @tacet said, there’s a glitch that needs fixing which makes Arena unplayable below around level 250.

If you’ve got the high level weapons and the right Hero class though, the glitch makes the Arena fast and furious which I’m finding fun so I’m playing a lot more Arena than I did in earlier versions.

Once the glitch is fixed (as it should be), I’ll probably play Arena less and wish for a mini-game with the same sort of “who can build the nuke first” playstyle.

ARENA is a great way for new player to try out cards they dont own yet.
Also you can try diffrent combination to see what works with what against what

Arena has long been my favorite way to play GoW.

I really love the level playing field, where all sorts of troops I generally dismiss become useful & interesting parts of my team.

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Yeah, you miss having been there when arena was in prime – few weeks after its debut a year ago when prizes were bumped as the cherry on the cake.

Troops were limited to the level 10 they were actually designed for originally. Hero weapons were mostly 1-colors with just a few new 2 color ones with 5-ish area dmg and relevant effect but for a ton of mana.

You had to make good synergy picks, think good order, best weapon, enemy teams were diverse and the only problem was a matchup bug that could give you the same team 2x or even 3x in a session (probably still unfixed).

Also we had a special event when epics came to arena for a change (though the first pick was misdesigned, some got white others green).

Then all kinds of unbalancing changes crept in, levels were reset to 15, and recently the hero class put it in the grave (except maybe for mindless farming). And the suggested easily implementable variants never happened either despite we know from the epics event that it all takes to enable.

now that burning scythe and a few others have been rebalanced, it may be that the magic attribute bonus from class is not AS important as a game breaker.

Oh it is.

Necromancer class still gets damage buff on staff of madness, manacles, and a couple of the mono purple AOE weapons.

sun and moon is a great aoe weapon and works with necromancer, sorcerer, priest classes and it is a grower not a showwer.