Do we get two paragons?

If two people have the same high score and they both are in the Paragon running who gets the Paragon. I have two people who have the same score.

Not sure but i think current paragon will stay paragon

goes to the highest level person if i recall…if they are the same level?have no idea

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Romeo is the higher level.

Like i said i think the paragon need to be beated to lose his paragon title so he should stay there for next gw

Have you ever had this happen in your guild?

Yeah but never for paragon race

I will wait for developer to answer the question because I would facts not opinions. @Saltypatra

Yup understandable good luck with that

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tech is right. it goes to the higher level



how do you know?

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seen it before :innocent:


Thank you for letting me know what you know to be true

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We are fighting hard in this guild to bypass each other. Lol

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