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Guess who is a gangsta!

My first GW week after my return and who takes Paragon?

I will give you a hint: his name starts with a “V” and ends with an “angor”

Thats right…
Capture _2017-10-02-11-07-32

Lol who now is livin the Thug Life?


Well done brudda! :slight_smile:

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From one Paragon to another, Well done! 20171003132016_1

Though my guild is falling apart, so this ranking is dubious…


Congratulations @negatus this is not dubious at all… You scored more points then anyone else in your guild! That is something to be proud of brudda!


Well done @negatus :+1:

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I thought you were in Nemesis, we’re fighting Nemesis today, santandix is paragon

I was when i was playing on ps4 also. I quit GoW for about a month and when i came back i decided to only play pc/mobile.

I rejoined my former guild although i didnt accept the GL spot back since @Junettejj has done such a neato-frito job!


Thank you @Eika @negatus @Whiskeyjack and @Tacet for liking my OP and/or congratulating me!

Seems many people dont care or think i am either lying or being narcissistic… Oh well…

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You’re a good man Vangor.

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Thank you my friend😎

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However if you pick a random group of people, well on the street, not all of those people might think good of you after you went out to have a cup of coffee for an hour. But that does not matter much. What matters is that there is some of them that likes you.


Thats true… I mean im not feeling sorry for myself or anything i just thought it was pretty cool to get paragon again as soon as i came back but if only a few care also its whatever

Yeah, and thats what matters, actually there were someone that cared.

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I’m a stranger off the street. I would like to add “well done Vangor”


Congratz Vangor. I’ve been lucky enough to hold Paragon in my guild for 5 weeks in a row but it’s always very close between 3 or 4 of us. It a friendly rivalry between us all gives us something to strive for above just beating the other team.



im always paragon!..in the glitter walruses…wich is like super hard to be paragon in…:sunglasses:


wow, are you hero level 1700 yet???

Nah i am sure he is at least 1900 by now

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@Mithran are you from Europe? If they need more moderators maybe you wanna become one if you are from Europe and if they are looking for another Moderator after Lyya just was selected the other day I think we need one more shes from the states so that is covered hopefully ure from Europe.