Nemesis * PS4 Guild Ranked 12th! and Guild Wars Bracket 1! * Competitive yet chilled. (30/30)

Highly active, friendly guild looking for players. Come and join us if you are aiming for the top! We are an active and competitive guild. Participating in Guild Wars weekly.

Our requirements:

  • Have fun and enjoy the game!
  •                                             There are two rankings, Colonels and Majors.
  •                                     We ask that Colonels get 200 trophies and 400 k per week. *       Majors are to get 150 trophies and 300 k per week
  • Must be finished by Sunday. Kicks will be made on Monday at 5 am so you can get your stuff for the week.
  • 1 week below, warning,second and your out. Awol and kicked by reset, msg’s are handy.Please let me know if you’ll be away for the week.
  • 1100+ seals for everyone
  • If anyone is upgrading their kingdoms, Double trophies and max seals instead of contributing gold.And trade all gems for gold, (Dragon’s hoard in the shop.)we get plenty weekly, do until complete.

Our Benefits:

  • All guild tasks complete
  • 40 k seal chest weekly
  • Active guild chat
  • Grand Master2 bonus 300 k+ trophies
  • Multiple Legendary tasks completed weekly

Guild Wars
Upgrade Sentinels to a minimum of 3 but max is preferred , 4 out of the 6 wars at least and minimum points are to be no lower then 10 k per week.

Add me on PSN as Santandrix! Thank you & please like!


Really the rules are too keep everyone active but I can work with anything really.loyalty is most important


Agreed. I value that more than anything. There’s one person that’s been in 12 different top guilds in as many weeks. Good luck with the recruitment.

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I think i know who ur talking about, he joined us twice, no good.


Haha, I had him three times. 4th wasn’t an option. I’d have had a mutiny on my hands. I believe in being fair and will help anyone but sometimes you have to say enough is enough.
I’m sure you’ll be successful.


Thx, u too, we just picked up 1 so now we are down to 2 spots left, I’ll be watching all forums, ready to recruit.

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Who r u with dan?

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I’m the guild leader of the #10 guild quimby. I started the guild around the same time as the game became available for the ps4. Recruitment and loyalty… Two different beasts but if you can manage to get one the other isn’t often required.

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Ahh I see, he did talk about them too, ppl like him are toxic in a group. We’ll find the right ppl for us even if it takes a few days

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We are currently seeking 2 players!

Back to needing 3

Hi. I want to join your guild. But how can I find your guild at the PS4?
Right now I am A member of A guild, but they are NOT active enough.

Add me on PS4 santandrix. May I ask what level u are and are your kingdoms up to level 10?

Hi. I am level 36 and have several kingdoms. My homekingdom is Whitehelm. Level 6. I donated to the guild. But they are NOT donating much. Have 36.000 gold and 1853 seals. Play almost every day and I Am loyal to A guild when they are loyal Too.

My question is: how can i add you? Where can I do that?

Added you.

Ok thx, level up a lil bit more and then come and see us, thx.

Till wat level then?

We generally like to have 150 to 200 plus

We get all tasks done and 40000 weekly

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Hello. I am level 267 . I make 200 trophies and 300k per week. 1500 seals. I am an working guy. If you want to accept me, my invite code is ASIRAL.

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