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New members should not be paragon

New members keep taking paragon this is something i would not expect we earn paragon and we dont know who this newcomer is and if he or she can play well Usually a new member starts at the bottom so another glitch its happening for a while please fix this gow

It happens based on your last gw score, so if your new member is paragon they scored high last time round. That alone should suggest they know what they’re doing, but depending on the jump in brackets they may get caught out.


yeah this is happening to us this week it looks like. I brought one of my guys up from bracket 900 something to bracket 4, and he is paragon this week. that is a lot of pressure on a new person


We’ve had it happen before too, I can understand why it happens but I’m also in agreement that it shouldn’t happen fwiw

Well a good score ok but its still not fair to the rest who started on the bottom and indeed difference in bracket thanks for your reactions i might make a ticket depending on how many ppl agree hopefully a dev will respond to this to clarify

As far as I’m aware they can’t rectify it. Something to do with the way rankings are calculated - it goes solely off the score so can’t be manipulated by the devs…

I’m 99% sure this is not a “glitch.”

Just pay more attention to who you’re inviting.

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I don’t see the glitch here … if they scored higher than you or anyone else in your guild on the last GW then why should they not get the spot that they earned ? Because they didn’t earn it for YOUR guild ? meh … I still don’t see the problem … they obviously earned a high score somewhere … just be happy that your new player is decent and would need little to no coaching. They will end up where they should be by the end of GW.


Here’s how it works, and why you end up with a new player being paragon. (I know it’s been discussed, I want to try and offer another angle.)

  • Every GW, the game stores some/all of your GW scores.
  • When the next GW happens, it has to decide the Paragon. So it looks at every player in the guild’s last GW score and assigns Paragon based on the highest.

So if you recruit a new person, and that person had more points last week than any person in your guild, they will be Paragon this week. As far as the game is concerned, they are the best person in the guild.

If you really don’t want this to happen, you have a few choices:

  1. Don’t actually invite people on Sunday. Accept them, but wait until Monday to put them in your guild. By this time, the Paragon is already decided.
  2. Stop recruiting people who are very good players.

That said, I think it’s valid to ask the devs to not allow this (even though it’s as old as GW). A “simple” fix might be to clear the saved scores for a player if they change guilds. That way, new players always start as if they had 0 points last week. (This would be simpler but less elegant than trying to add new code to keep track of when people changed guilds.)

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because I can wiggle my finger at the screen and score well in some lower brackets. in the upper brackets you have to actually make a little effort. Scoring well in bracket 500, does not mean they can score well in the top brackets. I move people from my mid tier bracket 180ish guild to my bracket 4 guild and they always score less at first.

A Champion in Bellator does not start out with a belt in the UFC


Thanks for ur reaction its clearing to me now that its not glitch and yes players can play and understand what to do as they scoren well ill just have to trust ppl on playing well i guess the monday thing is an option to try thx again for taking the time to explain

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I remember reading a thread similar to this where new recruit got champion. The OP contacted support and it got sorted out before the gw started

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It’s not though. The players keeping scores from previous guilds has been around since GW went to every 3 weeks. When guild wars was every week. New guild members always started as Soldiers.
I remember the first time this happened. We had a player rage quit the game over it. His lack of play caused us to drop to bracket 2 for a GW. That was over 6 months ago. It is a bug. The devs just haven’t been able to fix it yet.

If they have time to sort it out. They will. But it has to be done prior to day 1 of GW.
But clearly it is a bug. Otherwise the devs wouldn’t try to correct the bug.

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I don’t understand what the deal with it
If the guy did very good score and beated your paragon score that just mean he is really good so why you want to remove him?

I think the problem is that some people seem to think the only bracket that exists is Bracket 1. :stuck_out_tongue:

If someone gets the Paragon spot down in Bracket 500, it doesn’t mean they would do well at all in Bracket 1. It surely doesn’t mean they have the proper beefy defense teams a Paragon needs in Bracket 1.

This isn’t an issue if the new player is moving from one Bracket 1 guild to another Bracket 1 guild. It can be an issue if the new player is moving from a really low bracket guild to a high one.

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That score is relative to which bracket he or she was in.


Oops my bad i presumed he or she was in same bracket

Brackets differ this time im right paragon lost 2 matches not his fault but as a soldier you can earn paragon and then its legit Now you dont know the player makes it harder even im bad i know but we worked as a team then a recruit gets paragon makes it a bit how do you say un prpper and salty im Dutch sorry

I have to say, the worst part of this is that a new guild member now has the ‘misfortune’ of being paragon & is having all this extra pressure put on them. We have had a similar situation & my guildie almost quit on the first week because of it!
Thankfully they didn’t & normal service was resumed by the next GW…

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