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Why are the champion in Paragon the same person

I don’t want to post a screenshot if it’ll be considered a call-out but against the guild were playing today the champion and the Paragon are the same person. What is going on with that?

That can happen if the Paragon leaves the guild after GW has already started,

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They had a full Guild before and after reset. So that’s not the case here.15403572877037172146813685973396 The Rocks

Maybe they have the same name and are using the same team?

Or: someone left and they added a new person in between the time intervals when they checked? It’s a possibility. If someone’s leaving amicably it could happen as quickly as 5-10 minutes.

Screenshots with guild names go in bug reports. Someone’s going to ask you to remove it lest it become a callout. Bug reports are how you get the devs to check on things.

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And in the time between GW Start and your Screenshot the paragon left and someone else joined.
That is the standard behauvior in this case.

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@Maczenith this is the thread I created about yesterday’s guild wars.

20181024_000225 No one left their guild.

That is strange indeed.

I actually replaced someone after reset, wondering if they were champion…I was started as soldier.

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