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GW results are wrong

Platform, device version and operating system
PC, Windows 7

Screenshot or image

What you were expecting to happen, and what actually happened
The player joined guild 11 days ago and should be a Soldier in GW this week. But instead she appears as a paragon.

How often does this happen? When did it begin happening?
Started Monday, 23.

Steps to make it happen again
No ideas


Xbox Same here, paragon joined couple day ago

Not 100% certain this is a bug. This has been happening for a while and I don’t recall if it was formally brought up & responded to before by the dev team. There seems to be some kind of memory of how a new guild member did in their previous guild’s GW and that gets factored into how they are placed in the new guild’s ranking.

We had a new player come in as our paragon a while back.

Edit: for the record just because it’s been happening doesn’t mean it’s NOT a bug, just that it’s not new and I don’t recall if it was verified if the devs intended it this way or not

Here too, our paragon got bumped to champion. This happened last GW as well. It seems that new members enter with the GW status they held in their previous guild. Not right, but hardly game breaking. I think it hurts people’s egos more than anything. So i think GW bugs like wins counting as losses should be fixed before cosmetic bugs like this are addressed.

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It’s okay then if they did better score they deserve paragon

If Guild GW results reset and I think they did with the recent GW start bug. Then I do believe the system looks at some key factors. One of which may be level, or past GW performances (if that’s recorded, or just last GW performance), etc. And then tries to assign them in a proper order.

@Karenina Yesterday we were 29/30 for the next GW, and not signed up for the current GW. Now today we are signed up and 30/30. So I do believe they reset it to fix the mid-week GW bug. (If you missed it. GW accidentally started last week, and they stopped it. Was a silly bug that caused it.)

Actually yesterday she was a soldier. It started today.

So I think we will let it pass this week. Anyway, there is nothing we can do.

At least it’s a good sign, that mean you found a good recruit :slight_smile:

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Not assuming to know what bracket the person was in before. But I’d take a Harold in bracket one over a paragon in bracket 10 anyday.

It is a bug and hopefully will be fixed with 3.4

He was in same bracket then us so no damages really here

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It’s been happening since gw went on a 3 week rotation so people moving guilds are not penalised, if their previous gw score was higher then they will be Para.

Yeah, not sure it is a bug or not, so I don’t mind the report, but this happened when I switched guilds last year in one of the first GW weeks. I got paragon in the new guild I believe. Maybe the way it works it’s that on Monday reset they get the individual scores for each member and rank accordingly.

I guess it matters if someone gets a high score (say 54k) on a lower guild and switch to the higher brackets. You can end up with a Paragon that has no (good) troops for defenses, but doesn’t matter much long-term.

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