How is GW rank (paragon, champion, etc) determined in a guild with all new players?

Our guild is not new but all the members are new. How did it decide who was paragon etc? It’s not by level, rank in guild, individual performance in last GW. It doesn’t matter but we are just curious. Anyone know?

New players added to an existing guild between GW start at the bottom and are pushed up as newer people are added. So say you have a 30 person guild and all 30 were new since the previous GW, the oldest of them would be paragon.

So it should be order of joining if no one was there last GW.

Nope, it’s not join order. Our paragon person was one of the last to join.

Well all I have is when 4 people joined a guild, they got placed in order of joining. Is it possible 1 of them was in the guild before during the previous GW, left, and came back?

Granted I’ve also seen a bug where someone’s score from another guild counted as if they had scored that in the current guild so that’s always a possibility too.

No, we know nobody was in this guild before. We considered how we did in previous GW in our old guilds and doesn’t seem to be that either. It’s probably just random. Now someone we added today did come in on the bottom as expected. But a lot of us have been there about 3 weeks and a lot of us played together before. It’s just weird as there seems to be no rhyme or reason to how the ranks were chosen. :woman_shrugging:t2:

The very first week of GW the ranks of the players were determined by their levels. No idea if that applies in cases like yours.

I believe it’s based on latest GW score in each player’s previous guild. So a new player from a lower bracket guild might score better and be paragon, even if they won’t do so well in the new higher bracket.

We thought maybe that was it, except we have multiple people from the same old guild and they’re in the wrong places according to that logic. Nothing makes sense lol.

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If it’s completely new guild, order might be random.

If guild participated in at least 1 GW all current memebers will be sorted by their scores, new people will be placed on bottom of the list.