Crazy stats in guild war paragon battle

In GW I encountered a paragon

Are these stats normal!?

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unfortunately it can be if everyone upgrades their teams, paragons get extra points. Then the 25% bonuses.

How common that team seems to be for GW this week, and its only day 1

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Yup bad timing for beast boost

I won the match but other members in my clan saw him have lower stats. I’m paragon in my guild this week

I think I saw the fortress door with 23 attack in a GW team lol

Paragon of Black Dragon.
Doesnt make sense.
But its fun.
I dont play Beasts this week. My non-famine-non-beast defense is annoying enough. Dont want people to quit the game because of me after encountering 80%+ kerberos/forestguardian def teams this week ^^

My 49 atk nyx drained a lot forestguardians today while skulling down those kerbs ^^


Did they encounter that team before or after you did? and how different were the stats?

They went before me. Last person before me saw him at 60 attack for example

Yep. In my paragon match, kerberos had ‘only’ had 60 attack power. And lower health and armor too. Still enough to beat my front troop to pulp on cascading skull matches anyway.

Anyone figured out yet how those bonuses are calculated btw? That screen makes no sense to me.

@Saltypatra, can I/we get some clarification about which parts of this screen are correct? I remember Sirrian saying a while back that the numbers wouldn’t add up correctly, but I forget if that meant the issue was on the left hand side of the equation (sentinel bonuses not being shown correctly) or the right side (sentinel bonuses not being added correctly).

A bonus to attack of 16 should not be possible, since the individual bonus and team bonus should cap at 5 each. Please tell me that the numbers aren’t being added correctly, and that the real bonus is somewhere between 0 and 10 as it should be.


+6 atk
+2 hp
-3 arm
-3 mag

the math doesnt add up but all in all its about the samer powerlevel if it would be right. Maybe there are some strange formulas happen like on the ranking points ^^

Only the two right-hand columns are correct. Everything on the left is bugged.

An attack bonus of 16 isn’t possible even if a 50% event bonus were included in that figure for some reason. That’s why I asked Salty for clarification.

That doesn't seem right to me. A top guild like that only giving its paragon +2 magic? Seems more likely that the golden numbers are the correct ones. Adding those together gives: 10 Attack 18 Life 19 Armor 10 Magic Nevermind, I was wrong. Those green numbers do appear to be what you actually get in battle.

Magic seems to be bugged (oh another bug): it should scaled like attack but as far I know the max bonus is +7 magic (and not +10).

Related thread: Data Gathering - Sentinel Bonuses

Yeah, wow, the green numbers seem to be what you actually get. I wonder if that’s what the devs actually intended :confounded:

The OP stats do seem a little off, the max health Kerberos SHOULD be able to get is:

33 (Mythic level 20) + 16 from kingdoms (all 5*) + 8 from guild statues (2 +4s) + 18 max from sentinels (10 of your own, plus a maximum of 8 from lower rank members) + 2 from the team bonus = 77 *1.25 (event bonus) = 96.25. So 10 life is being added on from an unknown source (possibly discrepancies in the bonus screen as discussed above).

Going to @EyeOfMars’s screnshot, the gold numbers seem feasible based on what we know of sentinel scaling. The max bonus you can receive as Paragon should be: 5 Attack, 8 Health, 8 Armour, 6 Magic, add this to your own Sentinel maxes of 5, 10, 10 and 5 respectively, you should get a max increase at Paragon of: 10 Attack, 18 Health, 18 Armour, 11 Magic.

These numbers align with the gold numbers (+/- 1 due to rounding could explain the Magic and Armour discrepancies) in the screenshot, which is what I’d assume the buffs would be. If the actual values being received are the green ones, then there does appear to be a bug somewhere.

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I thought there was -Player Level part - in here. I don’t know how that plays into the points (Like those over level 1000)

I believe players over level 1000 don’t get any stat bonuses, or even masteries, just event keys each level and possibly something else every 10th?

I know my team points go up each level I go up… Not sure if that would account for 10 points