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Divine are making everything else obsolete

Title says it all. Divine are so powerful and there are so many that as long as you include isballa you are way ahead. What is the point of having so many types of creatures when 1 type is so dominant. Balance your game…


Crimson bat deal triple damages to divine
Only problem is finding skulls before they feed each other :slight_smile:

There are tons of other non Devine teams out there.


There are other teams, I have a lot. But divine teams are the best and pretty much a guarantee win. I have the new mythic in a divine deck but it is too easy to win. They should have kept his 3rd trait what it original was which was all ally rashka give +1 magic and +1 attack and not made him divine.

I have just as many non Devine teams that I very rarely lose with also. After playing the Devine defense I’ve found pretty good counters to it. There is a team that is non Devine floating out there that is way way more powerful and deadly on defense and that is the humility/monkey/Yao/any troop you want. This team is harder than any of the Devine teams floating around.

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