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Divines are down now!

Scorpius or Valdis you can beat this ez :slight_smile:


I think divines are still pretty strong but is great that now there are viable teams to defeat them, brings more balance and fun to try out new teams.

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Divines have never been difficult to beat. I have had a better run in the divine meta than I did during all six of the nerfs surrounding Mab teams, and I still have more consistent trouble with Nyxbringer than Divines.

The nerf to Divines most of all Ubastet made the Divine matchup reasonably beatable with all kinds of teams, as it vastly increased the time/number of turns you have to deal with them before your stuff starts to die.
No additional specific counter was needed, most definitely not on a base mythic troop that is meh against everything else as a result.

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