Disenchanting all ascended troops

What happens if you disenchant all troops of a given card that is higher ascension then it starts with? If you get the card again is it acquired it the rank you sacrificed to (like Mythic) or do you have to start all over with the process?

Secondary question: Does the higher ascended troop give more souls when you convert it? If so, how is the amount of souls you get determined.

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I would assume you always get the base rarity of a card when you draw them.

As for your second point, I can answer with 100% certainty. You only get the Souls of the base rarity. My Mythic Legendaries still are only worth 100 Souls.


I can explain how it works on the PC/ Mobile version, which I think it how it should work on consoles. Hopefully @Nex or @Mr.Strange will find this and correct me if I’m wrong.

Like level the game remember what rarity you had achieved with that troop. So you should get it as a mythic is you made it mythic.

That said cards appear as their base rarity when you get them from chests. For example: I have a Drake Rider I’ve gotten to Mythic. I open a gem chest and get another Drake Rider. However even though the chests shows him at Ultra-Rare rarity, when I check my troop list he’s still a mythic.

As Tahlia said souls from disenchanting are given on the base rarity, not the current rarity.


Yes but @Antasius was asking if you disenchant ALL of the copies. Did you disenchant all of your Drake Riders before you redrew him?

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Result is the same even if you disenchanted all the copies. The game remembers state of the troop, it doesn’t require you to have a troop for that troop upgrade progression (level/traits/ascending) to be remembered. So once you get another of that troop it will remain in state before you disenchanted the last copy.


Excellent answers, thank you. Please feel free to add more if you can, but consider my curiosity satisfied. :slight_smile:

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This is correct on the console side as well.


Nothing more to add.

  1. The reacquired card retains the rarity you ascended it to.

  2. Souls returned for disenchanting an ascended Troop is equal to it’s base rarity.