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Disenchant - how does it really work?

I have questions before I will click this scary but cool button. The game says:


  1. What happens with other troops that are not Mythics? How many copies I will have after I disenchant them? 0? 1? 4?

  2. I have some troops that are ascended to Mythics, for example Peasant. I will be left with 4 copies of him because he is mythic or will be counted as common and be disenchanted fully as the others?

The game doesn’t really say what happens with all the other troops and I don’t want to be left with only few True Mythics. Can somebody clear this thing out for me?

Anything that isn’t ascended to mythic won’t be affected at all. You’ll be left with as many as you have now.

Your peasants will be disenchanted down to 4 copies.

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Okay, thanks very much for the answer :slight_smile: