Dire wolf needs an extra turn

The dire wolf gives hunter’s mark, but then the turn ends. The goblin attacks then gets another turn, lets give the dire wolf an extra turn also!


That would allow you to fill him up, wait for a skull match to drop, then cast Hunter’s Mark and match the skull in the same turn. I like it.

It would make him feel less absolutely awful, actually fairly decent in fact. Sounds fair to me!

I’ll simply agree with the rest of you :slight_smile:

Is there a problem with a common card being awful?

There are (even) worse cards in the game…

If there weren’t any rubbish commons, would the rare cards feel good?

Just tossing it out there… Been playing TCGs for 25 years and it’s always like that… I suppose one difference here is you only use four cards, not make a deck of 60, so you don’t slot the odd rubbish card in for utility…

I would like to see as much variety as possible in the meta, and I think it’s not too bad at the moment. I’d also like to see Hunter’s Mark more viable, so the change isn’t bad… Though there are more interesting cards to fix…

The problem is that it is a card that in Arena you’d never pick, regardless of what other potentially awful cards are given you. If they had never added Dire Wolf at all, it would not have made a difference.

I don’t really see the point of giving Dire Wolf the option of placing a Hunter’s Mark on a chosen target.
If you think about it… the ONLY logical choice is always going to be the top target.

I agree that Dire Wolf seems pitiful as it is. But I also think that giving it an Extra Turn is too much for a Common Card. And No… don’t bring up the goblin. Extra-Turn is a more or less a goblin racial thing in this game, please don’t bring extra races into it.

A better fix imo would be: Place a PERMANENT Hunter’s Mark on an Enemy.
This would make him bearable to use in an Arena.

Your wish is my command!
Not bringing up the goblin.
So, let’s compare the Dire Woof to the Satyr :slight_smile:

Well let’s also keep in mind that there are TWO units that make use of the hunters mark mechanic, adv arguably fun and interesting mechanic, that due to its low implementation should have three units that use it be able to use it more effectively.

It honestly wouldn’t be so bad if Hunter’s Mark was actually permanent until placed on another target (or removed).

Two troops make use of hunter’s mark, Orion, and Dire Wolf. Orion’s could be of use given it’s the first troop and stays on long enough to actually work.

And then there’s Dire Wolf, probably one of the most useless troops in all of GoW, no damage bonus, poor utility, no Magical use, even it’s overall stats sucks, it’s just pathetic.
Sure, it takes 6 mana to charge up, but so does Goblin, Musketeer, Dark Maiden, even the Ogre’s more practical and he’s awful!

Seriously, if your worse than the “worst of the worst” (talking about ogre here), that’s beyond pitiable. It wouldn’t even effect the campaign matches utilizing him because the AI can’t target properly (yet). Though it still wouldn’t matter, even if it did target well, it’d still use up the skulls before marking anyone (see: ‘goblin’ for example).

Dire wolf is the most pitiable troop in the game, I originally believed the mark made it so random casts were made target-able to whomever it’s on, that would’ve been cool and made it semi-viable. But as it is it makes Dire Wolf nearly the worst if not the worst troop in the game.

I like the extra turn. If not that, then it should be able to summon another member of it’s wolf pack, to give it some additional use.

Someone else mentioned HM being permanent, and that would be very nice.

Another turn would definitely be too powerful (at the current manacost). A permanent mark would be nice but then maybe the damage bonus should be something like 1.5x instead of 2x.
How about letting the wolf create a few green gems so you get a chance to charge him again, or up his attack as a part of the spell.

Or have it create a couple of skulls, scaled by the number of HMs currently on opponents.

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Skeleton also says hi. (Concerning extra turns).

Another interesting idea for hunters mark: double any damage, not just skulls.

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Best idea for Hunter’s Mark - change the marked target to be the target of attacks (not just the first troop in line) - now that would mix things up…


@Jainus I love this idea!