Difficulty issues

I can’t change my difficulty it’s stuck on the hardest one I’m at lvl125 ish and the story is getting difficult can any one help. I tried restarting ,reinstalling still can’t change it

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Level up your hero class (preferably thief if you have it unlocked) all the way to level 20 by using souls. Then level up your best 3 troops to build around it.
If you don’t have souls then play treasure maps, challenges or Explore to get them.
Look up Tacet the Terrors soul Farming video on YouTube.
You can’t adjust the difficulty for quests. Its supposed to scale up with difficulty as you advance in the game.


Thanks. I know I was able to change difficulty before but after the update I guess I can’t now thanks a lot the game is fun want to keep grinding just hard to get decent troops leveled up in the beginning anyways. Thx