New player needing advice

So I haven’t been playing long and I happened to get a Magnus (I think that’s the name) and an orb so I used it on him and he hit lvl 19. Long story short now when I go into stories I’m stuck fighting mythic cards and can’t progress. Especially the last fight going the other world, the 4 horseman cards.

I’m wondering if I screwed myself and need to just delete and start over or is there a way to make it work?

For reference I’m using the Oracle class I believe, lvl 10 Bloodhammer, 19 Magnus and a lvl 1p purple dragon card, can’t think of the name offhand. Any advice is appreciated.

When I started, there was an option to change difficulty on story missions. I was showing a friend how to play recently and they didn’t have this option. The story missions were too hard for him in some kingdoms so, he did whatever he could. Challenges from kingdom missions he could beat, explore, daily adventure board and so on. You just have to keep pushing and get some souls to level up your troops. … you probably don’t have the cards yet but, if you can get a team to loop well, you can control the board and beat way stronger teams. For example, alchemist, hellcat, goblin rocket, goblin rocket. I showed this to my friend and he leveled each troop to only lvl 5 and was able to beat lvl 20 story missions that he was wasted on with his higher level team that he had been using.

Okay well use basically any other class besides Oracle since that one is garbage. First thing that came to mind.

Most important thing (that I sometimes forget because I’ve almost never dealt with it) is that you get yourself into a reasonably active guild. That’ll open up a lot of resources that will culminate in a wider pool of troops for you to work with.

What I have heard from other people having this problem is:

The difficulty of the kingdom quests is determined by what group they are in or, roughly, “How far from Broken Spire is the kingdom?” So you’ve basically wandered off to a harder area of the game. The devs don’t want you to beat those parts yet.

If you’re following guides, of course they tell you to unlock all kingdoms ASAP. Version 4.5 sort of obsoleted that advice because the devs want you to grind for even longer.

So go play Arena, grind PvP/Explore/etc. and wait it out. Eventually you’ll have better troops.

Find an active guild with good support. A lot of us use discord. If you need help finding one there’s many people who can help.

When playing, focus on gold and souls, you will need both. Buy armor to get as much of these as possible. Finding right guild can help a lot.

No you did not screw yourself. The 4 horsemen are supposed to be very difficult. I had to come back at a later time to overcome that team

I appreciate all the replies guys. I’ll stay away from there and concentrate on closer cities, check out the guild tab and take a hard look at my main team and see how that goes. Thanks much.

If you add your Invite Code here, you may get some Guild Invites :blush::crossed_fingers::vulcan_salute:

I would advise against finding a random guild like that. The best way to find a guild is to either make a thread here or look though guild threads and find one with requirements you are comfortable with. There are guilds around that complete a lot of tasks and don’t require gold from new players still levelling kingdoms.

Guild Recruitment (PC/Mobile) - Gems of War | Forums. Here is all the PC/Mobile guild recruitment threads. Or you could try in global chat 1 in game.