Do quest enemy levels scale to your hero level?


So first of just started playing this game yesterday and Iam loving it so far.
I played the broken spire quest line to very end where you have to beat the dragon but got my ass kicked several times so i decided to unlock new kingdoms and get some exp and new troops before attempting it again…

Now when i came back to fight the dragon his ogre friends are all level 15 and the dragon is level 16
My hero is level 25 and my troops are barely lvl5 also in other quests the enemy levels are starting to look ridiculous compared to my troops

So does the game scale enemy levels based on your hero levels or what is happening
My difficulty setting was at Warlord 1 before but i changed it back to hard for now

Also heres a picture of the dragon fight

[PS4] Beginner - Level 30 character, but Quests has level 15 troops. Intended?

Th game has evolved a lot since I started out (at the time, maximum level was 10… Now it’s 20 but you won’t encounter any story / quest troop level 20) so I might not be the best person to answer this, but from what I read, yes, in earlier levels, challenges do scale with level (they should reach their full potential when your hero hits lvl 50).

I’m afraid you joined the game just a bit after a big patch came in, and devs need time to balance things. I hope your feedback will be taken into consideration.

I guess you’ll have to pause that quest for a long while (difficulty of this quest shouldn’t scale much higher) and focus on unlocking new kingdoms / doing low level challenges to get more souls and level your troops. (Hero lvl isn’t very representative of your strength since it goes from 1 to 1000, troops on the other hands go from lvl 1 to 20… And are stronger arond lvl 17 than a hero lvl 1000…)


If I remember correctly, quests scale not to the level of the hero specifically, but to the level of the strongest troop in the team you are using (which happens to be the hero in you case). For that reason, it may be best for your whole team to be about the same level, even if it means leaving the hero out.

Of course, I might be wrong about that, as it has been quite a while since I started playing.


Hey, I play on PS4 . and your problem is familiar to me , I am facing the same issue and this totally breaks the game.
I tried to remove hero to see if this changes anything and it does not.
In short. even if I make all party of level 1 troops the enemy are still level 15. They just one shot everything.


Hey sorry to hear you are facing same problem, i tried playing around it by going to other kingdom quests but pretty soon i was facing against level 11 monsters or higher.

Tried doing challenges but soul reward for low star challenges was something like 10 souls and that was nowhere near enough to upgrade my troops properly. And then again when i finally beat 4 star challenge the next level was filled with level 15 monsters…

So only way to actually make progress in game was to take out my credit card and buy a 20€ starter pack which had 4000 souls among other things…atleast now i got 3 troops upgraded to lvl 10 or thereabouts and can finally advance in game
Allthough it kinda blows that now iam stuck with those 3 troops for who knows how long because all those other cool troops that i would want to use just die instantly in fights…