Fix to Difficulty Multipliers

Hello adventurers,

Please be aware that we just pushed a fix for a bug affecting difficulty bonus multipliers. Our team realised that the Difficulty settings which give you additional XP, Gold and souls (multipliers) were being applied to the rewards of game modes that aren’t meant to have them.

The team have fixed this in the game and returned Delves, Raid Boss, Invasion, and Dungeon battles to how they were intended to be. If you’re seeing a drop in the rewards from these game modes, this is why. The bonuses will continue to apply to battles such as Explore, Quests and Challenges.

Thank you for your time everyone! :heart:


Thanks for the heads up. Does this mean that for the best time versus rewards for those game modes we should just do them on normal difficulty?

I think that’s a play-style question which is up to you. The game modes that were affected typically have other Rewards gained through milestones (i.e Stage rewards in Invasion).

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Good to see you guys are still hard at work on the beneficial bugs. :+1:


To be fair, we are hard at work on a number of bugs.


Yes I understand that, but even so, those rewards would be quicker to obtain if playing in easier difficulties if I understand correctly? The only reason I sit at the highest difficulty is for the bonus multipliers for souls and gold and xp. If these are being removed than the only reason I see to increase difficulty is to provide more of a challenge. I am all for the challenge, but not if the rewards are not relevant to the extra difficulty. Please do correct me if im wrong :slight_smile:

The bonus multipliers are only being removed for game modes that you can’t actually increase the difficulty in like dungeons, delves etc. If you play explore, quests, challenges and casual pvp on higher difficulty you will still get the bonus gold, souls and xp


Oh I think I understand now, thanks. But how come the difficulty bonus multipliers were being applied to game modes where you can’t adjust the difficulty? Was it that the difficulty was being applied automatically the further you progress in the event?

It was an exploit whereby you played an explore on highest difficulty and its attached bonuses affected the dungeons, delves etc without really increasing enemy troop stats (since you can’t really set difficulty for these events).


Any chance that trophies will be added to Delves?


Any chance of fun being added to Raids?




Oops. After fixing the latest weapon not selling correctly because the cash shop wasn’t programmed correctly, they realized it would never sell if something benefited the player who wasn’t a payer. TADA! Good guy devs, fixing the bugs. :smiley:

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This has existed for months, but now that you can get mythic ingots from it, it’s fixed. :wink:

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Read the thread and it’s just gold/exp/souls? People are saying in chat that it includes ingots so getting mixed info.

Any chance to stop hating Wild Plains and actually put some care on releasing decent troops for it?

Yeah it was a bug but it was one that sped up the grind for the player so didn’t really hurt anyone. Came about when they introduced dungeons I remember and helped me farm souls for dawnbringer.

I think it’s hard as heck to tell because it takes a lot of math to figure out how your chest worked, but the only documented effects of difficulty modifiers are gold/exp/souls. So I’d be real surprised if it had worked on ingots too.

But 8 mythic ingots could be:

  • “I lucksacked into 4 2-ingot drops.”
  • “I got a 2-ingot drop, my multiplier was 2x, and Warlord IV augmented it.”
  • “I got 2 2-ingot drops and my multiplier rounded down was 2x.”

You don’t get enough information from the reward screen to know for sure, which invites rumor and superstition.

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Yes we don’t have enough info, but if someone was getting x32 or more Mythic Ingots along with an additional x32 Legendary Ingots per Delve odds are it was multiplying the Ingots too.

How many 32+/32+ have you seen posted. 16 Mythic and 16 Legendary seems near the normal max.

All in all, pretty normal in a F2P game to patch player resource exploits.