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[Fixed] Gnome Vault difficulty not working correctly

Xbox One

Yesterday the Gnome Difficulty of Hard made the Gnome enemies very strong and the rewards high. I kept the setting exactly the same today and the gnomes’ power plus rewards that came up were as if they were easy. I tried to reboot the game and my xbox then tried again and ended up wasting 3 keys in the process. I don’t know what else I can do to try to resolve this. Please help.

Hey we had an issue yesterday where the difficulty settings in Arena and Casual PVP were affecting the Vault Troop stats. We fixed this last night or today so the Troop stats are correct according to your Vault difficulty setting only now.

I don’t believe this should have affected your Rewards at all though, especially the Gnome Loot.

So the Troops should be easier to fight but the Rewards will be as intended for the Vault difficulty setting you select now.

It is a huge difference between yesterday and today which is a bummer both in that the difficulty made the gnomes a bit more of a challenge and the rewards were awesome. Now it is meh. I mean they are like Def under 70 and life under 90. Wish I had used all my keys yesterday at this point. Thanks for getting back to me so quickly.