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Did not receive Portal 10 rewards

My guild on the Xbox platform completed Portal 10 last evening before reset, however those of us not online did not receive the rewards this morning in our in game mail.

Please advise.

I am not sure where we ended up, we had portal 9 opened, and were about 20k from 10 when I went to bed. I had not collected any of the rewards and this is all i got in my email image

I assume we need to submit a ticket to support for missing rewards

https://gemsofwar.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/requests/new link to support, have missing rewards selected

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thanks for link fishinia


Tagging some clan mates that didnt get rewards.

@Asuna_Scarlette @Zoso @CanyonSurfer @D_Houzz @WyomingPixel

I was one of the ones still awake and working on the final portal. We finished about 45 minutes prior to reset, and those of us online were able to collect the rewards. It appears that anyone who was not online to collect (at 1:15 am CST) didn’t get the rewards. @Sirrian @Saltypatra

I received. nothing aswell