No event reward

Others in my guild got Bounty Event Reward but I did not…I finished top 5 I do believe. I’m on XBOX ONE.

Hey Rojo, this could be because of reset. Please let us know if this isn’t fixed in an hour or so. :slight_smile: (Then you should contact our support so we can help you.)

Ok will do that.

Yep never got anything…I know i was in top 5 but no clue if I was 3rd or 5th. I played all the way til reset and was not happy with the guild I was in for not completing last raid portal. So mad I left as did 2 others. Lots of wasted gems down the drain. cant play 2 modes at once. I did get a bunch of guild invites if that counts lol

Same thing happened to me. I’m pretty sure it has something to do with leaving your guild because i left as well and didn’t get rewards

Bounty should not be guild related…Tydda got hers and she left.