Missing rewards

I’m missing my daily reward, daily vip reward, weekly reward, path to glory reward, daily guild wars reward and some guild tasks. I’ll be doing a ticket soon just wondering if anyone else has had this problem.

I had the mail but I went to do some guild tasks before I claimed it all. I contributed 5,000 gold to the red task for the glory but errror messages and had to close the game when I came back all mail was gone.

This is the only mail I have

Some of my mail just came back

Same thing happened to my wife.

Clicked 1 mail out of a full screen of mails, got an error, had to reboot, and only had 2 mails left.

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@Saltypatra Should I put in a ticket or just wait and see if it returns?

Missing my daily login and vip bonus too

Glad I checked this thread and wasn’t online when reset occurred.

One word: didn’t @Saltypatra say the wrap-up of “Guild Wars, Week 1” will have required a lot of computational data crunching

I’ll be doing first login of the week when this gets sorted out, thanks.

Some of my mail just came back

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None for my wife yet… I would create a support ticket if I where you…

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Yeah I’m gonna have to

Definitely contact support so they can have a look into it for you. Make sure to include any details regarding what you’ve missed.


Thanks @Saltypatra

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Did you get an email about your ticket? If you haven’t received a notice in the next five or so minutes, I would assume something unusual happened and your ticket didn’t submit properly.

Edit: alternately,

Yep just received an email. Thanks.

I deleted my last post so I don’t annoy Salty too much.

Bad mewsnews, then. Salty still got an email announcing your reply to her. She’ll just come check the thread and not see the post you deleted.

Damn sorry Salty.