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Diabros - Casual Guild with some Hardcore Players

Hey all,

We’re looking for a bunch of people to join us in Diabros. We’re rank 370 currently but we fluctuate. We do have the 100% guild bonus. We have 5 extremely dedicated members and a few others who are a bit more casual. We have around +17 in all masteries.

All we ask is you donate 1k gold a day, if you can. If you’re new and this amount seems insurmoutable…that’s ok. You are still welcome to join. Just start donating when you can, it helps us all out.

If you’re interested in a casual guild for with people who play a ton, this is the spot! Please just post your invite code and I’ll send you an invite. Thanks!

I’m heartbroken by the lack of response. Casual players where are you, we truly will take anyone and have no issues waiting on the donations until you’re up to speed

Don’t give up. They’ll come!

Also seems like Global Chat is a decent place to find people these days.

I didn’t think about that, thanks!