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Casual player looking for Guild

Level 63 active player looking for an active guild to have fun in. I can put in trophies and gold if you wish just tell me how much. I am experienced at the game so no worries there. please reply below if you have an opening! thanks.

Hi there. We’re looking for people to join our guild (Fighting Force). We just ask that you stay active every 10 days. What’s your invite code?

Please consider Celestial Peak.
We are current Guild Level 319 and League Ranking 47.
The guild is also a casual environment, which I think may appeal to you.
We don’t set any specific weekly quota. You only need to contribute at a pace you are comfortable in.
However, we do ask for regular activity.
Basically 1 week inactivity puts you on watchlist, and 2 weeks inactivity is a sure kick.
Please PM your invite code if interested.

In Virtue is better than boathouse guilds, combined. We are level 16 in the world!!! Message me your invite code


Have you considered valley of death? It is for casuals

Audles checking in …

We are rank 160ish and climbing super fast.

We offer tons of keys and gems, masteries all over 33.

Fun and active group with a spot open .

PM for invite

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