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Active Players looking for an active guild [CLOSED]

My gf and I are looking for a new guild. We consistently hit seal cap and contribute around 50k a week. The gold donation will probably go up because we both just got dragon armor. We just want a guild that can break at least the 10k weekly seal milestone. I’m playing currently so if you add me I can give you her name to add as well.

Celestial Peak is recruiting, and yes, we can consistently meet your 10k seal requirement.
Please msg me with you and your gf’s invite codes if interested.

A more detailed guild desc is here in our newest recruitment thread:

You would be welcome in Comitatus Core. We break 10,000 seals easily now. You can join us without an invite, or message me to request one.

Thanks to Celestial Peak. We’ve joined them now. Closing this thread!