New Guild "Dextera Dei" (50+) looking for active members

Hello everyone, i just recently opened up a new guild (6.1.17), after i was not satisfied with the guild i was in before.
We are only 2 people yet, so we would like you to join us if:

  • You are friendly and communicative (that’s obviously mandatory)
  • You are an active player (Daily or almost daily)
  • You are looking to achieve greatness, starting at 0
  • You are Level 50+ and willing to contribute
    (Non-Paying Players are preferred)

We are currently at Silver III
My current Level is 96
I will contact you via private message then

[Update 11.1.17]

We are now 4 members, Gold III, my level went up to 103.
Still desperately looking for contributing members.

[Update 26.1.17]

It’s going great for us but we are still recruiting.
Status Quo is Diamond III, Level 22, and 8 (mostly active) members. Getting close to the 10k guildseals.
Feel free to contact me!

I’d do that, im level 50 currently and started a couple weeks ago. Banging away at content now with my ranger group …

Ok, im out of guild, invite LOSSE when you can, thanks.

Great guild name :wink:

I’m definitely interested, DasKanguru!

I’m currently in a guild but I’m the only active player there and I’d like to find a new home. I’m a non-paying player but I’m active multiple times every day. Level 114 at the moment but looking to advance!

Invite code is TROY BARNES. Hope to hear back from you!