🧙 Dextera Dei: Friendly Guild on the rise! (w/ Discord) 🧙

Dextera Dei

We scratch on the 10k guild seals by the end of the week and finish at least 5 of each task!
We are currently at level 78 and our league is Elite I, but with YOUR help we will rise up in no time!

Dextera Dei: Guild expectations:

:zero: Communication is key that’s why the most important thing to me is, that you communicate with the guild regularly. You don’t have to perform every single week, because i DO understand that you have a personal life, but at least communicate to us, so that we know you are still active and just didn’t have the time to play as much.

:warning: The following expectations are NOT minimums but rather approximations. So please be at least in the general area of these expectations by Saturday evening.

:one: Minimum Level is 100
:two: 60 trophies and 150k gold (except if you are leveling kingdoms)
:three: Participate in Guild Wars regularly
:four: 1000 guild seals

If you are interested, join our Discord in the link below! :mage:
If you have questions, feel free to ask! :mage:

Best regards,
your brave leader Das Känguru.

We have many spots open and really need active members, so feel free to just join us!

As another high-ranking member of this guild, I can recommend it to all! :wink:

We’re pretty laid back but want to see more active players get involved with us and help us to climb higher in rankings and Guild Wars!