The right hand of God (Dextera Dei) looking for new archbishops! 🧙

Dextera Dei

As many members of my guild are not very active, i now want to refresh my guild and improve it overall by recruiting active and communicative members.
We are currently at level 76 and our league is Elite I, but with YOUR help we will rise up in no time!

Dextera Dei: Guild expectations:

:zero: Communication is key that’s why the most important thing to me is, that you communicate with the guild regularly. You don’t have to perform every single week, because i DO understand that you have a personal life, but at least communicate to us, so that we know you are still active and just didn’t have the time to play as much.

:warning: The following expectations are NOT minimums but rather approximations. So please be at least in the general area of these expectations by Saturday evening.

:one: Minimum Level is 100
:two: 60 trophies and 150k gold
:three: Participate in Guild Wars regularly
:four: 1000 guild seals

If you are interested, join our Discord in the link below! :mage:

Best regards,
your brave leader Das Känguru.