Design-a-Weapon RESULTS!


What if I said no? :thinking::grin:


well we know who not to tell any secrets to blurts them out on forums xD

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Huh. Sounds like a lot of junk surrounding this 4.3 release was scheduled out of your control and at the worst possible time. I’d forgotten about the banpocalypse and it coinciding definitely didn’t help.

I guess my fear, as a forums poster, is this suggests I should take a lot of my posts to Facebook or Twitter. They lack threaded discussion, so a thread like this doesn’t hit you as “45 messages on the topic of the design-a-weapon” but “45 messages that each need to be individually read, categorized, prioritized, and responded to individually.” That makes me feel like they’ll feel louder even if they’re smaller, though now I believe they’re larger and I’m curious about the numbers.

How about if instead of me thinking out loud for a few more paragraphs I go try to pay attention more and see if I can’t catch it if it happens again?

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Already found something that didn’t get announced here I didn’t see here, and reminded myself why I don’t like Facebook as a platform. (But it’s a necessary evil, too many people use it sigh.)


As far as I can tell it’s impossible to link to a Facebook post? I swear you used to could do it, though a user might have to be logged in to actually see it.

I bet this might be related to a lot of the “incorrect assets” posts that are appearing on the forums?


I’m sure Salty would understand if I said “I’m 2 sips into my first coffee this morning”.

But dang, it’s already on page 2 of the forums. Seems like all Official News posts should auto-sticky for a day or two? I bumped it for morning crew.


Or, Official News should be a permanent notification on all forum accounts. I set that up for meself, so I get pinged the moment an ON gets dropped.


I guess my lament is no fault of Salty, but the internet 15 years or so ago was a lot easier than the internet today.

Back then, the dev blog’s RSS feed would be the source of information. I’d follow that and know what the devs have to say. It’d be right there in Google Reader, a page I spent 8-10 hours on every day.

But Google bought the most promising competitor to both Twitter and Google Reader (Friendfeed was badass y’all and it’s a crime what Google did), killed it, then discontinued Google Reader. Nobody uses RSS today, so few people support it.

Back then, if there were alternate services, they’d integrate with RSS such that if Salty posted to one the post would mirror to all. So she’d have to do a lot less work too.

So now I have to check the forums, a specific Twitter page, Facebook, Discord, and Twitch to see if I’ve missed anything. There’s no way to aggregate all of these, it requires individual page visits.

Now she has to use at least one tool per social media platform. My wife runs social media accounts for multiple companies, I’m familiar with this and Salty’s not exaggerating. There are a handful of tools that try to simplify this and cross-post, but using many of those tools is risky and can trigger auto-bans. Smart people don’t use them.

So we built an internet that:

  • Makes more money for Google, Facebook, Twitter (supposedly), and the other media services.
  • Makes it take more effort to accomplish less for the people who generate content we want to read.
  • Makes it harder to consume the content we want to read, since no one service has everything we want and there’s no way to combine them.


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The firs place I posted was the forums. :frowning:


The never place you post is the official xbox club.


I have so many social platforms to look after already. D8 At this time I don’t use the PS4 and Xbox platforms for news, and I’m not sure if they will join my rotation.


Way to make xbox players feel important. Luckily @Rickygervais keeps xbox players informed in our thousand player unofficial club.

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Do I have to play on Xbox to be a club member of the Xbox?


No, but you need an Xbox live account to join.
But every week for years @Rickygervais does the social media posts for the xbox crowd.


It’s not a personal slight, or that I want to keep players uninformed, it is that I do not have the time in the day. I focus on social platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, Reddit and these forums, as they are not limited to one section of our player-base, and are available to anyone playing on any platform.

(I can also be seen on Steam replying to reviews and posting our weekly events, but it’s not a place I am heavily active.)


@Kafka could do it on xbox, she doing a very good job

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I played too much GoW to justify paying for Live anymore. That account is dead, and will stay dead… Until Cyberpunk 2077 comes out… Assuming it’ll be multiplayer.


@kafka is a support agent, not a social media person. :slight_smile: However, she is kind enough to help me out when I am on leave, of which I am forever grateful.


Of course it is