Community Weapon Spell (Sorry team, we gotta do this again!)

That’s right team, we gotta vote on the spell again!

Unfortunately, the spell that won the voting isn’t able to be balanced in a way that we are happy with for an Epic weapon. It is skewing either too strong or too weak, so we wanted to take this back to the drawing board. We have reviewed the top suggested spells, balanced them, and would like you to cast your vote again for the spell that will go in-game.

As a reminder, the weapon is an epic scythe from Sin of Maraj that uses yellow.

So without further ado, here are your options!

  • Gain {1} Life, then Bless all Allies, OR Curse all Enemies.
  • Deal {1} damage to all Enemies and inflict a random Status Effect on all other Allies and Enemies.
  • Choose a Gem and explode 4 Gems of that Color. Deal {1} damage to All Enemies of that Color.
  • Curse and deal {1} damage to the two weakest Enemies, boosted by Daemon Allies. If an Enemy dies, summon a random Sin of Maraj Troop.
  • Explode 4 Gems, boosted by Diseased Enemies. Disease 2 random Enemies.
  • Deal {1} damage to an Enemy, and inflict Bleed on all Enemies.
  • Deal {1} true damage to an Enemy. If the Enemy is Human, deal triple damage. Then deal {1} true damage to all other Enemies. (scales from 0.5 Magic)

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it would be helpful to have at least a slight idea on what {1} window is, because as of right now it’s pretty much “what statuses does weapon add” instead of “what spell is”, and really hard to judge if “damaging” effects are more interesting that status ones, or not

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substitute {1} with Magic more or less.

Can we get something that explodes more than 4 gems? maybe explode gems based on magic? Those low explosion count weapons just aren’t that effective…


“more or less” is exactly the culprit.
difference between (magic/2), (magic) and (magic*2) will make or break half of these spells

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@Saltypatra in regards to the weapon choice that deals damage to all enemies and applies a status effect to all allies and enemies, is that a random positive status effect for allies and a random negative status effect for all enemies? If that’s the case, that would be my pick.

no. its not like that. they use {1} in the very earliest form of creating their troops, but usually its gets swapped to some kind of magic + x later down the pipeline. They usually specify magic/2 and magic*2 in other ways.

Think like Ubastet’s weird boost ratio of 100:17 instead of 6:1 when they pumped the change.


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In a game where there is one yellow based weapon that explodes gems on cast. 4 is better than none. And since it’s epic, it should cost a low amount of Mana.
Think about it folks… Don’t go for the sexy pick… Go for the most useful pick.


any reason why I shouldn’t go with the better Garland Staff/Luna that splits the effects as the most useful then?

This was in reply to my comment. But I don’t understand the question.

We have a weapon that explodes at least 4 gems for every color except yellow.

Where as true damage weapons for yellow…

There’s plenty.
And why the rare is more powerful than the epic and ultra rare one is surely just to hurt our brains.


I went for:

It’s the only spell I really care for out of all the voting options. If it will win or not, is a totally other question.


this part:

Trying to figure out why all allies and enemies getting a status effect isn’t the most useful… Exploding 4 gems isn’t that appealing in comparison.

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Because you’re assuming the effect for allies is positive.
It could very well death mark allies and bless all opponents when it casts.

Or at the very least, everyone gets a negative status effect.
Like this guy…

According to gems of war. Positive status effects will say “positive status effects” where as negative status effects will just say “status effect”.

If they’re willing to give allies negative effects and positive effects to enemies on an epic weapon, then its infinitely more interesting than the other choices. We don’t have enough of those types of troops/effects as is and that’s something that can be built around for fun teams.

I know I’ve used Leshy against Ubastet on multiple occasions back in its glory days.

There’s no guarantee that’s the case. That’s your interruptation of it.
You see the glass as half full.
It could be half empty.
Or it could have nothing in it at all. Lol

I read the description as “negative status effect for all”

They actually don’t. Very few troops hand out “random positive status effects”. There isn’t a separate game term for it, nor a tooltip, it doesn’t specify “positive” in the text when it does most of the time (though you can search for “random positive status effects”, neither the two spells below nor Garland Staff weapon actually specifies “positive” it in the text.)

The spell wording is also ambiguous on things that give allies positive or negative status effects, even down to using the word “Grant” vs “Inflict”.

For example:

  • Luna (negative effects on enemies, positive effects on allies, “positive” vs “negative” isn’t specified but is implied through “grant” vs “inflict”):

  • Lapina Knight (only positive effects to allies, so far so good)

  • Domovoi (only negative effects to allies, still uses “Grant”)

By the way, I checked, and Status Effect is both capitalized and not on different troops where it is meant to mean “only negative effects”, so that is ambiguous too.

So, as to the spell in question “Deal {1} damage to all Enemies and inflict a random Status Effect on all other Allies and Enemies.”

  • The wording implies only one “status effect” effect will be directed at everyone but the caster (“a” random status effect on “all” except the caster rather than “each”), but this is ambiguous due to other things not working like that while using the exact same wording (see: Plague, who has a trait that is worded as skill point reduction for enemies and works as expected by reducing the same skill on everyone per activation, but a spell with skill point reduction for “all” enemies that selects a different stat for each enemy. Theres probably a dozen other examples, this one just popped to mind immediately)
  • The wording implies a “negative status effect” will be selected due to using the word “inflict”, but this is ambiguous due to Domovoi using the word “Grant” to only hand out negative effects.
  • Most people probably aren’t reading it that carefully and assuming “random positive effect on all other allies, random negative effect on all enemies”, but that isn’t what the text says and it probably isn’t how the spell is meant to work due to it only being an Epic weapon. (Or is it?)

This potential weapon has drastically different usability depending on which it is.

@Saltypatra - Clarification is needed.


Next weapon:
Staff of Mongo: Something random happens. (1 of the 7 above will happen randomly)

A scythe of Sins should probably have bleed and lifesteal. :thinking:


Out of curiosity, what was the original spell that was chosen?