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New doomed weapon type

So here’s an idea:

Steal (3+magic/2) life from all {color} enemies. Create 5 doomskulls boosted by {color} gems and tempering level, with 15 doomskulls max. Destroy all doomskulls. (boost ratio 5:1)

Each of these weapons (one for each color), should also have affix that creates a doomstorm.

So… what do you guys think? would that be an ok weapon for doomed weap, or rather unbalanced (to weak, to strong, to much rng involved?)

Small tweak: If the enemy has a Doom, explode all doomskulls.

Strikes me that it might be too powerful, otherwise, but this is without seeing a troop with a close enough resemblance to make a comparison in my mind.

I’m also not sure if the magic steal works — with my stats, in one cast (assuming an opposing team has 4 of the color, like a Guild Wars match, say), it would be taking 20 magic from each enemy, not accounting for any team bonuses ((34/2)+3). So…that adds up pretty fast, I think.

On the second cast my base magic would be 114, so if I ever got two casts off, no one on the opposing team would have any magic left, pretty much guaranteed (it would have to have more than 80 base).

Soo…maybe that part would have to be /8 or something instead? That would make my inital cast steal 7 from all, then 15 on the second, 30 or so on the third…

…assuming they all survive each cast, of course. Two casts with that ratio would be crippling, three would be devastating.

I feel like 3 casts from doomed glaive often is enough to defeat me. One, though, I generally survive.

So hopefully these would be in-line with that.

I would also want there to be way more opportunities to get Tower of Doom events and Forge scrolls, too, at the risk of going off-topic. But it would be important that, if these were in the pipeline, that they wouldn’t take 2 years to get to us…

it’s not magic steal, but life steal boosted by hero’s magic/2

But i get your point.

Let’s make it more like this:
Steal Deal (3+magic/2) life from true damage to all {color} enemies. Create 51 doomskull boosted by {color} gems and tempering level, with 15 doomskulls max. If enemy has a doom, create 5 more doomskulls. Destroy all doomskulls. (boost ratio 5:1 4:1)

Each of these weapons (one for each color), should also have affix that creates a doomstorm.

Let’s see a scenario of usage:
Deals true damage to mono-colored troops (might be viable for gw defence outside of ToD), pretty crap vs non-mono teams as it wouldn’t do much to them. Only boosted by magic/2, but it’s true damage, so we’re bypassing armor.
Creates 1 doomskull + 1 for each 4 gems of weapon color… so board with 20 gems would result in 1+5 = 6 doomskulls created.
Than it destroys them all (so deals 30 damage to 1st slot troop + anything that’s there with explosions). And get’s some mana for destroying surronding gems.
If it’s in Tod, you will get extra doomskull for each 4 floors, so floor 25 would get 1+6 + (gems/4) ~ 7+ doomskulls (with 32 gems it would be 15…). So basicaly might destroy half of the board + deal (35-70 damage to 1st troop).
If doom is present in battle, thats another 5 doomskulls and another 25 damage to 1st troop.

Sorry! I definitely misread that — life steal can probably be that strong, or need only be a tiny bit weaker, like /3 or /4, maybe.

thing is, with life steal limited to 1 color of troops, it would be realy crap vs most of teams and realy strong vs mono-colored team (great weapon for doom fights and GW defenses, other than that -> rather crappy)…

so i might go back with Life steal magic/2 from single color…