Delves: Strategies, tactics, tips and more!


Now that we know Delve Rooms’ trait can actually be stunned, bringing troops with Knockout trait (inflict stun while doing skull damage) might be a great alternative to Impervious/Nimble/Slippery/Alert troops now.

Rock Troll would be the best candidate. Although players still have to match skulls first, and avoid beating Guarded Chamber room, which would make everything un-stun-able again.


Nice analyzis! :slight_smile:


It’s a good plan, but keep in mind one of the rooms grants Thick Head, which means you can’t stun anything anymore.


Avoid that one. I mean we are talking beating lv 500 here, so you probably don’t really care about a single room, or any extra room at all for that matter, get your guaranteed lv4 chest and get out of there to spend your time in the next lower level delve for rewards and relaxation, you just finished this one :stuck_out_tongue:


Yeah I mean that’s fair. There are a lot of different ways to approach your Delve, and if your context goal is “I just want to beat this stage” then skipping rooms is smart.

I just didn’t want some poor soul to get 7 battles in then find out their stunner doesn’t work.


At level 500 trust me you want to reach the boss as soon as you can :stuck_out_tongue:


Great work :+1: @Ashasekayi on the delve room list.

I would like to add it here to help more players out if needed.



There’s only one tiny problem… I don’t think the Ocularen Leech is going to let you keep the attack to skull someone.

Actually, one bigger problem. Ubastet isn’t Blue or Green.

You’d have to recalc for the Yellow/Brown Hall of Guardians, which then has the fun pleasure of adding the extra stipulation of 25% or 50% spell reduction. Way over my pay grade of 0. :stuck_out_tongue:

Theory crafting is fun though.


So far this is my hoard for the hall.

Today I did the first fight at 190 and lost to the boss

The last 2 I did 180 and won both.

So at this level I’m getting a decent amount of shards.

My question is does anyone have a high level hoard and low level faction?

How are your results with shards If so.


Nice one there with 6 legendary ingots! :slight_smile:


My Hall is at level 40 with a Quality 8 Hoard. I run 40-80 shards per attempt these days, on a level 7 or 8 chest at the end.


Ok edited with 3rd fight. Best out of the 3 I think.

Thanks @Grundulum, eventually
I might get both to 10 but since hall is 8 now I’ll stick with it for shards. And do the low one more once my hoard is higher.

15 minutes or so I think for 180. I’ll stay there and just win for now.


Just want to say I appreciate everyone in this thread, working way over their pay grades. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I know, that why I state this above. (Then completely forget to mention it later. :grin:)

Still, this strategy is legit to half of 80% of the factions (anywhere that let you pick Yellow/Red/Brown). and it only required 2 team slots to do it. In Hall of Guardian, you only have to find a way to stun top troops (and damage Gargoyle a bit, so weakest insta-kill can trigger on him.)

For the problem of mana gathering or staying alive long enough, I’m sure someone will figure it out. Theory crafting is fun, but having a complete walkthrough to win anything is not. Experimenting with team building is the my favorite part of this game! :slightly_smiling_face:


New faction comes out in a few hours. Along with the faction event. You can spend your three daily Delves on this faction for a 2x multiplier and then switch over to the event and start over with a 2x multiplier. If you have an upgraded Hoard somewhere else, though, you’re probably better off spending your daily Delves there—the chest bonuses outweigh the 1x bonus you lose from not advancing in the Delve.


Apparently all seeing eye has the lowest number of rooms and therefore lowest multiplier/chance to upgrade delve chest. If you happen to have eye as your farm delve, you might want to switch to other delve after properly upgrading its hoard


Do anyone knows the max and minimum of rooms a Dvelve can have? Is it written somewhere? I believe that 8 might be the minimum as 7 seems too low, 9 looks good, but possibly there might be a Dvelve with 10 rooms in the future. But that 9 will be the max and 8 will be the lowest is a good guess as well, if you ask me.


So what exactly is the regular schedule for faction events from now on?


1 day event every tuesday. New faction 3 day event every month on friday


Ah thanks, so this event coming up is three days, that’s great news.