Delve Room List


So, I’ve started making a list of information about all the delve rooms. I figured I would share it with the rest of the community. :smile_cat:

The patch notes state that there are 34 rooms in all, not counting the faction intro rooms and boss rooms. I’m still missing a few apparently. Let me know if you guys find any rooms that I’m missing.

Delves: Strategies, tactics, tips and more!

Good stuff.


Awesome work! :slight_smile:


I need me some mythic rooms, I’ve had terrible luck so far in my delves!


I have to say some rooms gives me a “nice feeling” thanks to the themes and names:

  • Goblin Kitchen: Grapplepot, Boar Rider, Goblin Rocket and Domovoi has nothing special, but i can’t stop imagining such place and all the caos going on… :rofl:
  • Troll Hole: Totally a name of a business place in the Red district:neutral_face:
  • Fox’s Den: Also a business place in the Red district… “Lost” my coin purse there three times already… Can’t wait to visit the ladies again tomorrow. :blush:
  • Imp Infestation: @KYLENATOR001 and @RiverSong will never forgive the devs for not naming it “Impfestation”… :roll_eyes:
  • Golem Laboratory: I really think Alchemist should be there, for the theme you know. He would also work well with Ancient Golem. :thinking:


Well it bothers me now after I just learned of this travesty.


Cheer up, imagine the Goblin Kitchen, with Muppets. :wink:
Speaking of which i’ll send you a PM with a show you should probably look out to watch…


Good list! Thank you.


You have to pay the troll toy to get into the boys hole, you know.


Added a (so far unlinked) page for delve rooms here:


thank you .amazing job,



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Cool, but -5 points for butchering “empath”. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Cmon, spare me a little impathy for that one.




I suppose it just makes you imperfect.


Awesome post, Ashasekayi! I’m curious to see the name of all possible rooms in Delve, and your post make me very happy! ^^

Just a side note, I enjoy those room card’s art a lot. They could just use some .png troops arts and put fitting kingdom backgrounds in there, but they go above and beyond to design a bunch of completely new background for each rooms! There is even a rare case of old troop artwork sneak its way in there, like in Goblin Kitchen; Domovoi got the old hairy white yeti/imp art instead of the current one. So cool!

Back to the topic. Sirrian mentioned that there are also rooms that give buff to your own troops and a treasure room. This is what I found from Lyya’s site.

  • Treasure Trove (Rare) - All allied troops gain Greedy at the start of future battles
  • Crypt’s Treasure (Ultra-Rare) - All allied troops gain Warded at the start of future battles
  • Dragon Fountain (Epic) - All allied troops gain Regeneration at the start of future battles

So… are both of them the same thing? All their name is linked by treasure theme. I thought treasure room would give a garantee Delve chest update or one random Treasure troops or something.

4.0 Patch Notes

I really loved this part too! I’m glad that they went the extra mile there.