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Delves: Strategies, tactics and tips

Not sure about all the Tinker Town hate — I enjoyed it, for the most part, and succeeded on my first try (Hoard 100, Adana 15, Bronze-elite Smash-o-Bot, World Event medals because I’m a dumb orc that forgot to switch them; would recommend Seasons if you want to have the stat boosts the Artifact is currently giving in this Campaign’s penultimate week).

Really comes down to time and luck — but what summon-focused faction doesn’t? This one is harder (or the same) as Mirrored Halls, and less difficult than Stonesong Eyrie, in my estimation. Same strategy as I gave for those — summon only when you need to, and hope that RNG is in your favor for conditional effects. When you have Tink killed, you win. Lose your Tink, and you lose. Simple.

Final fight only took about an hour. Wouldn’t be surprised if it had taken half that, or 3 times that — but I don’t think it’s likely to last as long as a Harpy fight.

Best of luck to y’all, and may you send a boast Zorn’s way on my behalf For da Horde (andsoIcanfinallybeatSeaofSorrowsorWerewoodsthankstoArtifactstats)


Oh yeah lol. My Adana is only lvl10 and I still got it on the first try…

It still sucked, but I still got it.