Delve Hoards desperately need a change

Simply put: delve hoards require too much of a gold and resource sink than their rewards are worth.

The main problem with the delve hoards is that adding treasure to your hoard is insanely expensive in the upper levels that are required for the all-elusive “500 faction run”. Finishing the 500 faction run gets you a level 20 pet (which you still need to find food for), which may allow you to bring your kingdom past 12 stars. The cost of the current delve hoard far outweighs the reward of going to 12 stars.

Due to the correlation between hoard level and the cost of adding a treasure, anything less than a King’s Crown is useless. Which means many of us are sitting on thousands of useless coin purses, gold rings, and priest chalices.

I know the developers want delves to be a gold sink, but this gold sink is far too great. So I would propose the following change:

  • Adding a treasure to the hoard is free.
  • You now will pay a gold cost to increase the max level of the hoard (perhaps every 100 levels the cost increases).

These changes would make everyone’s hoard cost the same, and these numbers could be balanced. I can’t speak to the math of how this would work out versus the current system, but I would propose somewhere around a 5 million gold cost to go to the max hoard level.

Regardless of what implementation is chosen, I still think my original point is valid: delves cost far too much gold for what they return. I understand the point of a gold sink in the game’s economy, but this gold sink is flat out broken at the moment and has been since its inception.


Yeah it’s a deeply flawed system in my opinion. They expect us to spend like 30-40 million on EVERY faction, while also limiting gold farming more and more with each patch
And if the beta testers are right, it’s going to be even worse in the future so yeah

I think delves have been around for over a year now, so I don’t expect anything to change for the better. Apparently the solution for pure faction lvl 500 is a mix of potions x1000 and kingdoms levels past 10, which we will have by like 2030 so it’s all good

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