Delay on 4.4 XBox One Release

Hello adventurers, here with a quick update regarding the Xbox One version of 4.4.

We are experiencing some unforeseen issues with the update releasing and are currently working with Microsoft to resolve this. Everything is fine on our end and the update passed submission, but there is an unexpected delay with its release. Please bear with us while we do what we can to get it out as quickly as possible. (I’ll make sure to keep you updated!)


Any ETA so we can do our Guild Wars without getting kicked out mid-match?

Something better than SoonTM LOLOLololL?

hours? days? next new moon?

We have no ETA at this point in time, and we are working on this with Microsoft now. I’ll update this thread when i have a better idea of a rough time frame.


It’s usually Thursday but anything can happen :crossed_fingers: and As I said before in different thread Microsoft are known to be a pain in a$$ when it comes to pushing updates :mask:

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No xbox isnt a pain in the ass, at least compared to sony, apple, and Nintendo. Or so that’s the impression I’ve got.

Everyone is entitled to their own opinions from their own experience. My opinion is based on experience and other countless games I played.:wink:

I guess you should say known “by you” since it’s not known by the majority of folks.
But also, iOS had the exact same delay with the last patch. That is “known” by every iOS player.

I should of mentioned the community manager back then from Defiance when it was on 360! that made that kind of statement before he got the kick :sweat_smile:

Never ever used an IOS so I lack experience on that matter but I am not a stranger to MS and Sony.
android is the easiest platform to do business with.
(FYI: m a Linux guy and I game only on consoles)

I can confirm that the update is Live on Xbox :partying_face: enjoy

The update is now available on Xbox :slight_smile: (well as of almost 7 hours ago but it’s just gone business hours here so!)

Enjoy Xboxers!

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Any word on the achievements? Still hasn’t released yet