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Dear Devs, About Soul Farming

I feel like there’s a disconnect between what exists in the soul farming space, what your intentions are, and perhaps (if I can be so bold) as to say what’s left over from early days.

First let me lay out two smiple changes to two existing troops that would take soul farming a long way. These are, a 50% necro trait on Dark Troll and a 100% necro trait to Sol’Zara (with their soul gain abilities in place, but probably reduced).

Why? Let’s start with Troll. Obviously all soul gainers sans warlock are purple. Giving Troll necro makes him more desirable in more cases than The Dragon Soul. They serve similar purposes but dragon soul almost always wins out for his flexibility in mana generation. If dark troll had necro then he would be on par with TDS in soul farming instances and provide the synergy that soul farming teams don’t have, which is a purple generator.

Second is Sol’Zara. I get that she is meant for early game players, but a unit whose sole purpose is to put your account progression on pause, is a poorly thought out unit. Now if she was a stepping stone between any other soul farm unit to Pharos Ra, then she becomes viable long term, rather than just for awhile.

If you do the math I don’t think that you’d find that giving either of these units those traits would break the game (assuming their soul generation was tuned down) but would expand the soul farming team options considerably, because there’d be a stepping stone between pharos ra et all, there’d be an option besides TDS for soul farming in general and on top of that soul farming would be fun because it would be in line with any other team constructing exercise.

There would be a ladder in soul farming rather than either you have pharos ra, or you don’t.


I farmed over a million souls with out Pharos Ra it can be done (after I finally did get a pharos I did another 4 or 5 though so it is a very valuable card / troop in soul farming. However you will all get to the point that souls don’t matter before any other resource with or with out a Pharos Ra. What this game needs is a “better” sink for Souls beyond DB as after that is built you just collect them for virtually no reason and will use perhaps 1% of your stash on new troops if that or at least that has been my experience in game). Cheers

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Clearly DB shows that they have ideas for soul dumps. I’m not in any way discounting that. I’m just saying that a few minor changes can actually make soul farm teams more flexible and fun, and less about Pharos Ra without taking away his strength. More things to buy with souls is better than just making current things a pain in the ass.

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So you have a problem building a farming team and want the devs to fix it???
Forget the 2 others but they have necro.
Silverglade banner.
Banshee goes twice and then win.
Not sure why you NEED TDS in your team or dark troll.
My previous team was dark troll. Kerberos, Death and keeper of souls and it took a lot longer.


That’s why Pharos-Ra is one of the most valuable troops in the game… I made him when he was in the soul forge I’d advise you to do the same!

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I feel like you kind of missed the entire point.

It doesn’t really matter to me anymore, I quit when they went full on mobile dark side pay to play with all their events.

Do as you all want, fight against buffs cause you did it the hard way. It’s 100% your game now, keep it in the dredges for all I care. I’m out.

BTW, pro tip, the fastest team you can make without two pharos ra is my current team, which is tds, pharos, firebomb x2. I wasn’t looking out for me, I was looking out for the people that have to come after.