Give necromancy troops different mana colors

It would be awesome if future troops with necromancy had some other colors than purple. Out of 18 current troops with necromancy trait, only 2 don’t have purple mana - Dullahan (red/brown) and Warlock (blue/brown). The most important soul farming troop, Pharos Ra, has both purple and brown. Add to that that we have only 2 mana generators (Acolyte and Sacrifice) and one gem exploder (Flesh golem), which are alll pretty bad in my opinion, and you have a situation where you have four troops that are mana blocking each other, you don’t have a good generator AND the new explore rework slashed soul gain significantly. We now have a possibility of medaling the troops, but the cost is, like, 10.000 souls per medal. I imagine that majority of players do not sit on millions of souls and soul farming is necessary for them. But it looks like devs are doing what they can to make it as hard and slow as possible.

Please try to pay a little attention to future troops with necromancy, give us more choices for more efficient soul farming. Also, it would be good if the soul gain from soul farming would go back to where it was before explore rework, or at least close to it.

I feel like this is more “by design” than “by oversight”. I’m pretty sure the devs wanted to limit the utility of soul-farming troops because the soul grind is a huge part of the mid-game. I think they wanted to make sure you couldn’t build a meta Pharos-Ra team and do your soul farming in any mode you wanted. But I kind of did anyway. When I got tired of grinding optimally, I had a different team with one necromancy troop that did OK in other modes and I’d grind that. Making 50% fewer souls is fine if it means having fun!

Not that I’m against expanding soul farming a little. There’ve been a lot of new troops, so maybe it couldn’t hurt.


I get that the grind is part of the game, but there has to be something to make it a little more faster. I am not saying we should be able to farm 100k souls in two days, but a situation like this is pretty bad in the sense of time investment.

Maybe over-insistence on necromancy troops being purple wouldn’t be so bad if there was a good mana converter or generator. Right now, I don’t feel like grinding for souls at all, which wasn’t a case before when you could get 550 souls per match, even if it was kinda slow. Now it’s slow and you can only get just ~325 souls, so the prospect of my backlog of 250+ games that I haven’t played yet seems more and more appealing compared to this situation.